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2326 E. Cesar Chavez
Austin, Tx

(512) 981-7539

Up Collective is an artist-run community on the east side of Austin, Texas that provides 21 studio spaces and a 1,600 sq. foot gallery for artists to share ideas, produce work, and exhibit. Since its establishment in 2011, Up Collective has served as a creative gathering of visual arts, music, and theater performances.


Artist Studios & Gallery

2013 6 x 6 Project

Ricardo Jaen


Para español  


Now in its third years, the 6 x 6 Project, exhibited during the 2011, 2012 East Austin Studio Tour, we are getting ready for round three, which will be on exhibit at UP Collective during the 2013 E.A.S.T. If you participated in past years, we welcome you back. If you are a newbie or need a refresher, here is the lowdown:

UP Collective has joined together to extend its gallery space during the 2013 E.A.S.T. for an exhibition of 6 x 6 artwork created by UP Collective members, in-house artists, and artists within the larger Austin community.

Who may participate: Anyone

  • 6"×6″ slabs of masonite board will be available for pick-up at UP Collective beginning September 2013 at no cost to the artist. East artist can take up to 3 masonite slabs.
  • There are no restrictions on medium.
  • Artists participating in the 6 x 6 Project will be donating their piece(s) to UP Collective to be sold for a flat fee of $20 during the two weekends of E.A.S.T. All proceeds will support UP Collective in its mission to provide studio, gallery, and event space for emerging artists.
  • In order to participate, send an e-mail to info (at) to schedule a time to pick up your materials.
  • Artists will be asked to submit a brief bio and contact information to replace their piece(s) that sell in the exhibition.

Submission due date: November 9th, 7pm

The 6×6″ Project will be not only reflect the variety of artistic talent at UP Collective but also the creative community Austin has to offer. The 6 x 6 Project supports UP Collective's mission to provide a space for emerging artists to show their work, especially during E.A.S.T. We look forward to seeing your submissions!

Barnett Collective

Ricardo Jaen




Barnett Collective features a diverse community of artists from Abilene, Texas. The collective was formed to heighten exposure to the art of nine artists whose combined works create an unusual synergy and unparalleled excitement. Between vibrant and fantastical paintings, textured assemblages, thought-provoking sculpture and striking photography, this eclectic group of artists exemplifies the amount of creativity constantly flowing through their quaint, culture-filled city.



More Awkward Than Heavy II: 2 Awkward 2 Heavy

Ricardo Jaen

MATHreal More Awkward Than Heavy II: 2 Awkward 2 Heavy

The vex-fueled thrill ride that began with More Awkward Than Heavy takes an explosive new turn in MATH II: 2 Awkward 2 Heavy! It’s the wit-fueled answer to the question: how art do you like it?

Now an art collective on the outs, Ink Tank tries to keep life simple, laying low. When UP Collective strong-arms them back, Ink Tank’s no rules, win-or-die skills are re-unleashed against an international audience. With their antagonizing collaborator (Jamie Panzer) reprising his role, a drop-dead gorgeous sexerciser (Erica Nix) turning up the heat, and a litany of other saboteurs adding their talents, 2 Awkward 2 Heavy accelerates the art exhibition into a desperate exploration of survival, justice, and love… with mind-blowing, panty-dropping acumen!

Fundraiser: Member-led Art Classes

Ricardo Jaen


Saturday, April 6th, 11am-7pm Help support Up Collective and learn art techniques from some of our member artists!

11am-1pmPerspective and Caricatures with Benjamin Frisch

1-3pmJewelry Making Techniques with Laritza Garcia

3-5pmPrintmaking Techniques with Kelly Lynn McTavish

5-7pmEncaustic Painting Demos with Leslie Pierce

$40 all-day pass or $15 per class Purchase Tickets here:

WhiteLabBlackLab Records & Up Collective Showcase

Ricardo Jaen

SX 2013 March 15th, 1-9 PM

March 16th, 12-8 PM

Join Up Collective for a two day live music and visual art showcase featuring sixteen bands brought to you by WhiteLabBlackLab & Up Collective. Enjoy music from all over, sip on some refreshing Tito’s Vodka and Independence Brewery, and surround yourself with local Up Collective Art, all in one unique East Austin venue.

1 pm- Big Warmth

2 pm - Friend Roulette

3 pm - Tyagajara

4 pm - Sun Club

5 pm - Featherface

6 pm- Feverbones

7 pm - Flashlights

8 pm- Supervillians


12 pm- Marc Scibilia

1 pm - Benjamin Wesley

2 pm - Matt Hines (of The Eastern Sea)

3 pm - My Father's Rifle

4 pm - Art Decade

5 pm - Justin Granger (Geography)

6 pm - A Sea Es (solo set)

7 pm - Marmalakes

8 pm - Walker Lukens w/ the Side Arms


This event is Sponsored by Tito's Vodka

so come get your drink on.

Studio Opening Saturday, March 9th: "Triple Beat" Leslie Pierce Studio

Ricardo Jaen


Leslie PierceArt Opening Saturday, March 9th: 7-11 PM. "Triple Beat" The Art of Dana Brown, Leslie Pierce and Andrea Pramuk Three artists' explorations in color, space and volume.

This Exhibit coincides with SXSW 2013 in March. Location: Leslie Pierce Contemporary in Up Collective, located at 2326 E. Cesar Chavez, Studio 106. Sponsored by Tito's.

Exhibit runs through March 30th

Opening Soon: "Most Folks" by Marcus Mataga

Ricardo Jaen

"Most Folks" by Marcus MatagaOpening date and reception:Saturday, February 2, 7-10pm

Closing date: February 22

Venue name, address, phone: Up Collective 2326 E. Cesar Chavez Austin, TX 78702 (512) 981-7539

"Most Folks" will feature 30-40 drawings out of a collection of over 300 created by Marcus Mataga since 2005. A recent graduate of Baylor Law School, Mataga has never exhibited his artwork. During 2012 he posted a drawing a day to Instagram and began getting a lot of attention.

Mataga's work is largely an exploration of details through inexpensive materials. He draws almost exclusively from photographs, using ballpoint pens and highlighters. Mostly inspired by people, he is more interested in close examination of the subject than the accuracy of the finished piece.

Potentiality: Last Chance

Ricardo Jaen

Just at the right time, Teruko Nimura and Tahila Shireem began their project Potentiality. While the fruits of Up Collective’s labor were displayed throughout the halls and gallery at EAST both Nimura and Shireem opened participatory projects for artists and art lovers, a community. Their work focuses on the energies involved in the art making process, individual experiences married into a collaborative art object that embodies a collective energy. Potentiality

For Shireem, this was a tree ornamented with cyanotypes created by the public during EAST. Various individual intentions were harnessed into each cyanotype. The communal energies and wishes were blessed, in traditional Native American manner, at the opening reception. The process reached full circle as many of those that experienced creating a cyanotype witnessed the collective they played a role in constructing.


In the main gallery a bright energy surges, due to the origami lilies that fill the space. According to Japanese culture, the act of folding one thousand paper cranes grants one wish. In an equally dedicated concept, the public, under the instruction of Nimura, fabricated a multitude of yellow lilies. The activity of folding origami can feel laborious, possibly frustrating at times, while learning. However, it transcends into a meditative state in its repetitive nature once you get the hang of it. Each origami lily contributes to a dynamic energy instead of the traditional focused wish.


Potentiality is best approached with less of an analytical mind. The clearer you are of everyday thoughts the more evident the energy embodied in the works appears. The exhibition closes this Sunday, the 13th. At this point the meaning of the artists/creators, the opening ceremony, and all who have visited since has been absorbed into the space. It is a good time to see the evolving work at its fullest.  Certainly come stop by the gallery to see Potentiality before it is taken down, but  also look out for what this new energy within Up Collective’s space produces for 2013.

By Jessica Mathews


Ricardo Jaen

After the East Austin Studio Tour coming up this November, our next exhibition Potentiality will happen in December. The show will consist of installations reflecting the powerful potential of collective efforts,  inspired by Native American and Japanese cultural traditions. The artists, Nimura and Mintz, will conduct participatory events for the Austin community to create objects that will be included in the exhibition. Held in the UP Collective community room, the artists will prepare for their exhibition in December by having hourly events where they teach the participants how to create part of their installation. Nimura will provide yellow paper to create origami flowers and Mintz will provide cyanotype paper for light exposure prints.

Nimura and Mintz will hosting making events at UP Collective during E.A.S.T. on Saturday, November 10th from 11-5 and Sunday, November 18th from 12-4 in the classroom downstairs.

Opening Saturday, December 8th from 7-10pm...R.S.V.P. here.

6 x 6 Project (Español)

Ricardo Jaen

6 by 6

For English click here

Tras el éxito que nuestro primer Proyecto 6 x 6, expuesto durante East Austin Studio Tours (E.A.S.T.) 2011, nos estamos preparando para la Segunda Ronda, que estará en exhibición en UP Collective durante E.A.S.T. 2012

Si usted participó el año pasado, le invitamos a participar de nuevo. Si usted es un novato o necesita un repaso, aquí tienes toda la información que necesita:


UP Collective ha ampliado su espacio de la Galería durante el E.A.S.T. 2012 ara una exposición de obras de arte de 6” x 6” creados por miembros de UP Collective, artistas internos y artistas dentro de la comunidad de Austin. ¿Quiénes puede participar?: Todos!

  • Losas 6″ × 6″ de Masonite estará disponibles para recoger en UP Collective empezando en septiembre de 2012 sin costo alguno para el artista. Cada artista puede tomar hasta 3 losas de Masonite.
  • No existen restricciones en medio.
  • Artistas participantes en el Proyecto 6 x 6 donaran sus obras al UP Collective para ser vendidas por una tarifa base de $20 durante los dos fines de semana de E.A.S.T. Todas las ganancias apoyarán el colectivo en su misión para proporcionar espacio de estudio, Galería y eventos para artistas emergentes.
  • Para participar, envíe un e-mail a info para programar un tiempo para recoger sus materiales.
  • A los artistas se le pedirán presentar una breve biografía y un punto de contacto con información para remplazar sus obras que se venden en la exposición. (Nombre, Titulo, pagina web, correo electrónico, y numero de teléfono (opcional)).
  • El último día que puede entregar sus obras es el 29 de octubre, a las 7pm.

El Proyecto 6 x 6 no sólo reflejará la variedad de talento artístico en UP Collective, sino también la comunidad creativa que ofrece Austin. El Proyecto 6 x 6 apoya la misión del colectivo para proporcionar un espacio para que artistas emergentes pueden mostrar sus obras, especialmente durante E.A.S.T. Estamos deseosos de ver sus obras!

Member Show: Kristin Leigh Knoll + Kevin O'Dowd

Ricardo Jaen

Alongside the opening of More Awkward Than Heavy by Ink Tank, UP Collective members Kristin Leigh Knoll and Kevin O'Dowd will have a show in our North Gallery next Friday, September 7th from 7-11pm.

Cutting The Edge

Kristin Leigh Knoll is a 25 year-old collage and mixed media artist currently living in Brooklyn, NY. She re-purposes old textbooks, board games, letters, magazine clippings, paint chips, playing cards and even discarded collages of her own into something new. Elements of embroidery and stitching in her collages create the hand-crafted look of paper-quilting. The constant search for interesting materials and the problem solving nature of combining those together to create something cohesive is what keeps her inspired every day.

Dream Bedroom

Kevin O'Dowd is a 25 year-old minimalist collage artist based in Austin, TX. He combines imagery from outdated encyclopedias, science textbooks, magazine clippings, and found thrift store art to create surrealist pieces inspired by dreams and subconscious states. The themes of nature, spirituality and humor in his work are meant to invoke a sense of child-like wonder and new age positivity.

Opening Soon: "More Awkward Than Heavy" by Ink Tank

Ricardo Jaen

Opening next Friday, September 7th is an exhibition not to be missed: "More Awkward Than Heavy" by Ink Tank. A locally-born artist collective, Ink Tank is made up of twelve members who work collaboratively to create conceptual and interactive, installation-based art. Ink Tank won the 2011/12 "Outstanding Work of Art: Independent or Public Project" Award from the Austin Critics' Table for their exhibition, "Last New Year." 

Experience what it means to be awkward on all levels.  Join us in celebrating the opening of MATH (More Awkward Than Heavy) on Friday, September 7th from 7-11pm. R.S.V.P. here.

Ink Tank & Friends: Annie Arnold Jamie Panzer Joshua Saunders Sam Sanford

Special events happenin' all night Ride your bike and get a special treat Stay tuned for more experiences all month

MATH is difficult and rigid not malleable and receptive like, say, salt water taffy. MATH makes you uncomfortable with its quotidian obtuseness. Similar to reading in a dream, the story is familiar but the words are illegible, not even words sometimes but scribbles. That is what MATH is like.

I wanted to say I love you despite how sudden it seems. I mean after all you have only come into our shop once and it was just for basic diagnostic work. I bet if I covered my name-tag you would probably assume my name is something standard, like Ed or Wayne or something. MATH is severely sincere and directly direct. That is its problem. It is unabashed and flirts with the wait staff and pretty much means every word and batted lash. It does not last. A moment of unconscious oblivion snapped suddenly into sharp focus, self-analysis, then shame.

MATH has an order and a process; mechanization like a clock with gears and stuff, but all that does not matter when it functions. It is invisible perfection until a spring slips, a fail saves, and the whole thing comes to a halt. Only then does each part become important, each part a mystery among mysteries, each part becomes the saboteur, a new hope, an unrelated mess. Who designed this thing anyway? It is probably just some cheap import.

MATH is not standing naked and aroused in front of one's peers trying to explain Pythagoras but rather it is losing car keys down a fourth grade teacher's blouse during parent-teacher conferences. It is doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, at every opportunity. Because you and I both know I didn't really mean I love you when I said it under my breath that day at the Lube & Tire. It just felt right at the time.

Win tickets to see "Gerhard Richter Painting" at the Alamo Drafthouse

Ricardo Jaen

Gerhard Richter Painting film

Win tickets to a special screening of Gerhard Richter Painting this Saturday, August 18th at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz Theater in downtown Austin. UP Collective is giving away two free tickets to the 12:40 PM screening. Tweet a link to this post and include @up_collective or share it on Facebook and link to UP Collective's Facebook page to win! "A must of the most important living painters shows how he does it." -The Hollywood Reporter

[vimeo w=600&h=338]About the film...

One of the world’s greatest living painters, the German artist Gerhard Richter has spent over half a century experimenting with a tremendous range of techniques and ideas, addressing historical crises and mass media representation alongside explorations of chance procedures. Infamously media-shy, he agreed to appear on camera for the first time in 15 years for a 2007 short by filmmaker Corinna Belz called Gerhard Richter’s Window.

Her follow-up, Gerhard Richter Painting, is exactly that: a thrilling document of Richter’s creative process, juxtaposed with intimate conversations (with his critics, his collaborators, and his American gallerist Marian Goodman) and rare archive material. From our fly-on-the-wall perspective, we watch the 79-year-old create a series of large-scale abstract canvasses, using fat brushes and a massive squeegee to apply (and then scrape off) layer after layer of brightly colored paint. This mesmerizing footage, of a highly charged process of creation and destruction, turns Belz’s portrait of an artist into a work of art itself.

Multiplicity by Malia Moss, Opening Saturday, Aug. 11th, 7pm

Ricardo Jaen

After a summer of renovations at UP Collective, we are excited to announce the opening of Malia Moss's Multiplicity happening Saturday, August 11th from 7-10pm. [youtube]

Come join us for drinks, food, and photographs and check out our newly renovated gallery space. R.S.V.P. on Facebook here.

Multiplicity is the latest series from photographer, Malia Moss. These nineteen visually stunning photographs give the viewer an understanding of what daily life is like for people living with chronic anxiety. Moss photographs various personally relevant, staged scenarios, capturing one subject many times in the same environment. Each final piece is a combination of a succession of photographs, digitally stitched together to create a hyperrealistic portrayal of an impossible situation. This will be the first time the Multiplicity series will be shown as a completed work.

See more of Malia's work here.

May 10th: Thursday Night Art Social

Ricardo Jaen

As part of UP Collective’s mission to educate artists, Co-Directors Emily Mitchell, an art educator at the Dougherty Arts School and founder of UP Collective, and Taylor Browning will present Lesson Planning 101 at this month’s Thursday Night Art Social. Participants will be provided a basic lesson plan template as well as take part in a group brainstorm session to estimate supplies and costs for the class they desire to teach.

The aim of this Art Social is to encourage UP Collective members and local Austin artists to teach a class in their specialty at UP Collective sometime throughout the year or as a special event during the annual East Austin Studio Tour.

Cost: Free for UP Collective members; non-members suggested $5 donation

Thursday, May 10th, 7-8pm


Look forward to seeing you there!

Coming Soon: Accidental Death of An Anarchist

Ricardo Jaen

Palindrome Theater Austin, TXDario Fo’s ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST

Edited and Updated Political Commentary by Nigel O’Hearn

When: May 12-June 3


Saturdays @ UP Collective, Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm

Sundays @ Hope Farmer’s Market Gallery, 3pm

Traveling Locations:

Sunday May 21 & 27 @ Vortex Theatre Lawn, 7:30pm

Friday June 1 @ Houston-Tillotson University, Agard-Lovinggood Hall, 8pm

Other dates/locations TBA on

Where: UP Collective, 2326 East Cesar Chavez Street, 78702

Hope Farmer’s Market Gallery, 414 Waller Street, 78702

Vortex Theater Lawn, 2307 Manor Road, 78722

Houston-Tillotson University, 900 Chicon Street, 78702

Ticket Price: Open to the public, donation accepted


 To kick off its third season, and first as Austin’s donation-based public theatre, Palindrome is taking Noble Laureate Dario Fo’s incendiary political black comedy to the streets. Featuring a new edit and updated political commentary by Palindrome’s Resident Playwright Nigel O’Hearn, this 20th century classic redefined contemporary Italian theatre when it appeared in 1970’s Milan, taking aim at the real-life circumstance of a man killed during police interrogation.

Banned from many theater’s during its initial run, but seen by nearly half a million people in its first year alone in soccer stadiums, bars, and street alleys, Accidental Death of an Anarchist explores the fear mongering prevalent in a capitalist system that encourages mistrust and exacerbates fear between certain segments of the civilian population and the police force that serves it- Palindrome is using the commentary at work in the comedy to publicly discuss Austin’s own recent rash of lethal force slayings against our police force and by our police force in the name of public safety.

This production is a partnership with UP Collective & The HOPE Campaign Farmer’s Market, where artwork inspired by the show and provided by Austin artists will adorn the walls of the residency venues for the entire month of the performance. 

Open Call to Artists

Ricardo Jaen

Title: Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Deadline: Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 5:00 pm E-mail PDF images with size, title, medium, price, and date info (at) up collective (dot) org

Exhibition Dates: May 12, 2012 - June 9, 2012

Venue: UP Collective Gallery 2326 E. Cesar Chavez St. Austin TX, 78702

Medium: Open to 2D, 3D, multi-media Awards: N/A Juror: Ricky Jaén, Taylor Browning, and Emily Mitchell Eligibility: Any artist 18 or older. Fees: N/A Website:

About: Be part of a new collaboration at UP Collective where visual art and theater are united thematically. This juried show will be exhibited alongside Accidental Death of an Anarchist presented by Palindrome Theater.

The play is meant to portray the abuse of power invited through a capitalistic system, as well as a pitting against of police and civilians with a twist--it's a light hearted comedy.

Guidelines: Artwork submitted for this show should portray a split in society, a line in the sand, or a pitting of one group against another. -FREE to submit -Work must be wall mountable, and no taller than 8 feet. -Deadline for submissions Sunday, April 29th at 5:00pm - Opening Reception, and debut performance of Accidental Death of an Anarchist Saturday, May 12th.

Coming Soon: 6 x 6 Project 2012

Ricardo Jaen

After the success of our first 6 x 6 Project, exhibited during the 2011 East Austin Studio Tour, we are getting ready for round two, which will be on exhibit at UP Collective during the 2012 E.A.S.T. If you participated last year, we welcome you back. If you are a newbie or need a refresher, here is the lowdown:

UP Collective has joined together to extend its gallery space during the 2012 E.A.S.T. for an exhibition of 6 x 6 artwork created by UP Collective members, in-house artists, and artists within the larger Austin community.

Who may participate: Anyone

  • 6"×6″ slabs of masonite board will be available for pick-up at UP Collective beginning September 2012 at no cost to the artist. East artist can take up to 3 masonite slabs.
  • There are no restrictions on medium.
  • Artists participating in the 6 x 6 Project will be donating their piece(s) to UP Collective to be sold for a flat fee of $20 during the two weekends of E.A.S.T. All proceeds will support UP Collective in its mission to provide studio, gallery, and event space for emerging artists.
  • In order to participate, send an e-mail to info (at) to schedule a time to pick up your materials.
  • Artists will be asked to submit a brief bio and contact information to replace their piece(s) that sell in the exhibition.

Submission due date: October 29th, 7pm

The 6×6″ Project will be not only reflect the variety of artistic talent at UP Collective but also the creative community Austin has to offer. The 6 x 6 Project supports UP Collective's mission to provide a space for emerging artists to show their work, especially during E.A.S.T. We look forward to seeing your submissions!