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2326 E. Cesar Chavez
Austin, Tx

(512) 981-7539

Up Collective is an artist-run community on the east side of Austin, Texas that provides 21 studio spaces and a 1,600 sq. foot gallery for artists to share ideas, produce work, and exhibit. Since its establishment in 2011, Up Collective has served as a creative gathering of visual arts, music, and theater performances.

Schedule & Classes

All Weekly 75 minute Donation-Based Classes. 


7:30 PM           EASE UP: RESTORATIVE                                        Rachael Garbowski


6:00 PM           ALIGN & REFINE UP: HATHA FLOW                       Susie Dendtler

7:30 PM            RISE UP: Hatha                                                        Rotating Instructors                                               


6:00 PM          LIVE IT UP: HATHA FLOW                                         Erica Heidepriem 

7:30 PM           POWER UP: VINYASA                                              Kasey Bell


6:00 PM           PERCOLATE UP: SLOW FLOW                                Maggie Mullane 

7:30 PM           OPEN UP: HATHA                                                    Jessica Stevens


6:00 PM           BLISS UP: YOGA FOR EVERYONE                         Rachael Garbowski

7:30 PM           SHAKE IT UP: QOYA                                                Susan Anderson


RESTORATIVE: Relaxing candlelit practice combining supported restorative postures with meditation, some yin yoga and warming poses. 

YOGA FOR EVERYONE: Gentle practice with guided breathing techniques, warm ups to prepare for asana, a sequence of postures, and deep relaxation. Perfect if you are new to yoga, revisiting after a long break, or simply desiring a slower meditative practice. 

HATHA: Moderate practice infusing traditional standing and active postures with meditation, some flow and yin yoga. 

HATHA FLOW: Moderate to challenging practice blending standing flow sequences with meditation and some cooling postures. 

VINYASA: Vigorous practice fusing challenging flow sequences and postures with meditation and some cooling poses. 

QOYA: A guided practice for women blending yoga, dance and sensual movement with the intention to do what feels good.