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2326 E. Cesar Chavez
Austin, Tx

(512) 981-7539

Up Collective is an artist-run community on the east side of Austin, Texas that provides 21 studio spaces and a 1,600 sq. foot gallery for artists to share ideas, produce work, and exhibit. Since its establishment in 2011, Up Collective has served as a creative gathering of visual arts, music, and theater performances.


Jessica Stevens

Jessica Stevens

Jessica is a certified Dharma Yoga instructor at the 200-hr level and has been practicing under the instruction of her beloved teachers Camilla Figueroa and Keith Kachtick for six years.  She began teaching in December of 2012 at Up Collective and brings to her classes great joy, compassion and a deep commitment to surrender and self-study.  Her Hatha classes encourage a deepening of mind-body awareness through movement, breath, stillness and meditation. Jessica is also a Yoga Coordinator at Up Collective and has been an integral part of the coordinators team since February 2013.  





Erica Heidepriem

Growing up in Wyoming, Erica cultivated a deep appreciation for nature and introspection early on. After practicing yoga for 9 years, she completed her 200-hour teacher training through Nadi Yoga under the amazing guidance of Ben Heath and Hilly Flora.  Erica is passionate about sharing the gifts of yoga with beginners and diverse groups of people and personalities. She values the incredible uniqueness of each person's body and the individuality of each student's needs.  Erica's hatha flow classes emphasize mindfulness, non-judgement, joy and realization.




Susan Anderson

Susan has been teaching yoga full time for over ten years in many cities and multiple countries. She began in Bikram yoga and this practice is her foundation having given her a platform from which to grow. Through the years she's been called to learn, practice, and teach other styles and forms of yoga. This includes instructing in classes specific to breath work and meditation. She also enjoys teaching the Bishnu Ghosh series of 84 Asanas, and other classic Hatha style practices. In the Spring of 2013, she ventured off to an amazing Qoya retreat and teacher training in Costa Rica with Qoya founder, Rochelle Schieck. She's since become extremely excited and inspired by this unique movement practice. To her, Qoya has become a necessity as a way to infuse her spirit with happiness. Qoya is a guided practice for women, which includes a combination of yoga, dance, and sensual movement with the intention to do what feels good. Ahhh… This is simple, yet it is a profound way to be in your body - letting your heart guide you to do what feels good, which really is a metaphor for a healthy life.


Lydia Jarjoura

Lydia began her yoga practice 5 years ago and hasn't stopped practicing since. She is passionate about sharing the knowledge of yoga as a way of life, connecting Spirit and Body through asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathwork), and a healthy diet and lifestyle. Throughout Lydia's journey of yoga she has learned to use her intuition during her asana practice and encourages students to do the same; non-judgment and not holding expectations is a great way for beginners to become more motivated to start a yoga practice. Her classes are Restorative based and she encourages students to listen to their bodies and modify poses according to how they feel during each class.