How Important Is The Size Of Your Entrance Mats

Is the size of mats important? Is this even a valid question? We will be measuring the area where we would like to lay the mats and get them installed right there, right? Then how does it even matter to us to know or think more about the lengths and breadths and unnecessary measurements?

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How does mat size matter? 

But despite their professional service, as the owner of the service request, it makes us more equipped with the knowledge and hence powerful if you knew the following things about the size of your entrance mats. They are

  • Even professional floor mat layers stress that the size of your entrance mats is very important as this aspect has a huge impact on the quality of filtration of dust and debris from entering your insides.
  • The service experts at professional floor mat laying companies say that the longer the entrance mats the better it is for commercial buildings while in a home or a private building it would not be necessary to be lengthy.
  • People usually do not stop at the entrance of an office or a mall or at the hotel lobby to wipe their feet off the dust that their shoes might carry as they do at their homes. So a lengthy entrance mat does the job for them.
  • The commercial buildings, especially corporate offices have a very aesthetic and smooth flooring in their sprawling reception area. The floor may or may not be slippery at normal times but if wet it is sure slippery. In such cases, the long entrance mats can absorb the moisture more efficiently.
  • The long entrance mats laid on the most walked area will not only help filter out the dust and moisture but also provide a good grip to walk on them.
  • The cost of laying the entrance mats a little longer gets offset by the cost of repeated cleaning and the cost spent on housekeeping staff to maintain the lobby area dust-free and dry.

Now that you know that the size of your entrance mats matters so much, you are now at a better place to make decisions.

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