Things to Do Before Filing Your Divorce Case

If you have finally decided to get divorce from your marriage then before you file your case in the legal court, there are certain things that you need to do in order to get better outcome of your case.

Make sure that you really need divorce

Though this is a very serious emotional matter, you should not decide any thing under emotional feeling. You must see and analyse the matter in different angle with open mind, whether you can save your marriage. If you think that there is no chance of any reconciliation with your spouse, then only you can serve the divorce notice. Once you have served the notice then it will be very difficult to retract, even if you reconsider it again. Court can also grant divorce, if only one of the spouses wants it.

Meet any lawyer

You need to find a divorce lawyer with sufficient experience in such cases and you must interview few of them. You may finalize with one who perfectly suits your mindset and can easily understand your point of view. Avoid those lawyers who start giving you advice without even listening to you. Make sure that the lawyer that you are working with has good qualification too.

Collect all your financial papers

Find out all the papers and documents related to your various investments, various accounts and phone records any paper related to both of you on your property and any other relevant papers. Make copies of all documents as your lawyer will need them. Try to obtain the documents related to your joint investments because after you serve notice, it will be difficult for you to get them.

Decide your objective regarding custody

If you have children then make a plan how you are going to handle this issue. You must draw the best plan that suits you as per your available timings and other professional and personal commitments. If you can think of some arrangement where both you and also your spouse can spend their time with your children, that will be great.

Make all the necessary sales and purchases

The moment you file your divorce case, the court will bar you to make any major sales and purchase, as the money matter has to be decided by the court. Therefore, before filing the case, you must complete these activities. However, don’t try to drain out all your bank balance before filing the divorce case, which may go against you too.

Decide where you wish to stay

You need to decide whether you will stay in your residence with your spouse or you want to find an alternate arrangement during the proceeding of the case as well as after the divorce.

Discuss with your lawyer about your joint accounts/credit cards

Depending upon your situation and the case the lawyer can suggest you the best thing to do with this matter.

Find a support network

You must not overlook that divorce is a serious emotional matter and quite often you may need support of your loving one. You must therefore develop a network of people who can give you enough emotional support.


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