Determining Oolong Tea Quality – Some Ideas for You

Tea is one of the most preferred beverages today. Many people love it when they get to have some tea during their work, especially in Asian countries. Nowadays, taking a tea break has become a common thought in the working sector.

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Best Quality Oolong Tea

The best way of enjoying tasty tea is by finding the best quality tea leaves. Some standards should be met to make sure that the tea that you chose is of top quality. Here are some of the ways of picking top-quality tea.

  • Picked Tea Leaves 

Tea leaves should not be broken and should be in great shape. It should be whole and should not be damaged in its shape. The handpicked tea leaves are most likely to have the best shape than the ones that are picked from machines.

  • Packaging 

Proper storage and even the packaging of the tea leaves will also decide the quality of tea that you will get to enjoy. If the eta leaves are not stored properly, then even the fermented tea, pu-erh, will not taste good after brewing.

  • Tea Leaves Uniformity 

The same size and even the shape of the tea leaves will determine the quality of tea as well. The plucking standard that is used for picking the tea leaves will determine the uniformity of the tea leaves. The first buds and the young tea leaves are the ones that offer the best quality tea brew.

  • Philosophies and Practices 

Some of the important factors are considered while speaking about the high-quality teas and even some questions arise while speaking about the best quality tea leaves. They can be about the types of pesticides used, hand-picked leaves or the machine-picked leaves, sustainability of tea farms, the treatment of the farmers, and so on.

  • Cultivar 

The variety of the tea leaves speaks a lot about the cultivars. The authentication of tea leaves will depend on the number of cultivars.  One cultivar of tea leaves will be comparatively costlier than the ones that are produced using multiple cultivars.

  • Location of the Tea Farm 

The location of the tea farm has a very important role to play in deciding the quality of tea. Some locations are ideal for the cultivation of tea, and the leaves that are plucked from the farms that are located in such places will offer a special taste in their brew.

Process of preparing the Oolong Tea 

Oolong tea leaves are prepared by following these below-mentioned processes.

  1. Cultivation
  2. Harvesting
  3. Withering
  4. Oxidation
  5. Fixing or Killing Green
  6. Drying and Rolling
  7. Roasting
  8. Packaging

Once the tea leaves go through all these procedures, the end tea leaves will be of great quality.

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