8 Facts about Neon lights

Neon was discovered in the elemental form in 1898, and in not less than 20 years, it was also used as a product. It was first demonstrated in December 1910 by Georges Claude at the Paris Motor Show. From there on, neon was introduced to the world, and its uses evolved over several years. Today, neon signs are not just a decorative piece or just something to ramp up your business or personal space; it’s a way of adding creativity to your space.

Here are eight facts about neon.

  • Real neon lights are Reddish-orange:

This is one of the lesser-known facts, and there is only one color for neon. If you fill a clear tube with neon gas, it gives out a reddish-orange color, which is the true color of neon. There are various methods used to obtain the other colors, including combining neon gas with other noble gases or using colored glass tubes. In few cases, all of the above methods are done to achieve vibrant colors.

  • Neon gas is rare:

A rare gas is also known as a noble gas. Neon, discovered in 1898, is the fourth most abundant gas present in the atmosphere. But, it only forms 0.0018% of the total earth’s atmosphere.

  • Neon is used in television sets as well as lasers.

Neon has many unique properties, which are seen in our everyday lives, such as vacuum tubes, advertising signs, lighting arrestors, high voltage indicators, helium-neon lasers, and plasma tubes. Today, liquid neon is available and sold to be used as a cryogenic refrigerant, and hence it is commonly found in every household.

  • The very first neon light was revealed in 1910:

Georges Claude revealed the neon lamps first at a Paris exhibition. He had created the gas by combining an old discovery with a new one. His business was in air liquefaction, and neon was originally the byproduct of that.

  • Neon is a Greek word.

Neon was discovered from the Greek word ‘neos’, which means new

  • A neon sign was once sold for $48,300!

Recently, a few years back, in January 2017, a new sign was sold at an auction night for $48,300 in Maine, USA. The sign was originally from Los Angeles’s legendary rock club named ‘Whisky a Go Go’ and was 13ft long.

Today, it is sold for a very affordable price. At Smithers of Stamford, the top-notch neon sign company sells neon signs and neon lights at a budget-friendly price. You can also get your custom neon signs designed as per your choice.

  • A neon tube can last for a very long time.

The average lasting time of a standard neon sign is around 30,000 hours. But in 2012, during the renovation of a restaurant, a neon light sign was found on even after running for approx. 77 years. Crazy. Neon lights are a mystery.

  • All neon lightings are handmade.

The Neon light is a handmade art. Creators use blow torches to heat glass tubes before bending them into the desired shape and sealing them together.

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