Make Your Door Tech Savvy By Installing Smart Door Locks

If you plan on replacing your old door handles, then you can think about installing smart door locks for your home. These are a better option than your traditional door handles as you need not have to open the door for visitors every time the doorbell rings.

Welcoming Technology into Your Doors with Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks are electromechanical devices that lock and unlock doors from anywhere either through an app or a digital keypad.

When you purchase Smart Locks from reputed companies such as Access Residential Hardware located in Traverse City, MI, you can be assured of unmatched security features without compromising on quality.

If you are not sure about the types of locks that would be suitable for your door, you can always rely on their team of experts to help you out. You can contact them through their live chat or email them with your queries.

Smart door locks come in two types. One is the deadbolt and the other is the lever style. Deadbolt locks can completely replace your existing traditional door handles, whereas the lever style has the door opening and locking mechanism in one single lock.

Some of the benefits of smart door locks include:

  • You can access your smart door lock via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • You can easily track people going and coming out of your house
  • You can give multiple access to people

Choosing the Right Smart Door Locks

When you have so many options for locks to choose from, it is natural to get confused. Some of the key features that you need to look for are:

  • Remote Access
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Compatible with your existing locking mechanism
  • Security
  • Battery Power
  • Lock Quality Rating
  • Alternate Command Options

Smart door locks help you lock and unlock your door from over a distance. This proves to be useful when doors need to be opened during emergencies. Ensure that you verify the distance strength for the locks. You might even need to check with the company on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signal reception, especially if you need to control the lock from over long distances.

If you are just adding a locking mechanism to your existing door lock, then the smart door lock needs to be compatible with it. Your smart door lock should also have security features such as biometrics, voice control, passcode change, customized entry codes, etc.

You might even need to consider the battery strength when choosing the lock. If you are going to use the locks frequently you need to check for power consumption modes, and power core functions.

Another important criterion is the lock quality rating. They must be ANSI rated which can be of the below grades:

Grade 1 – Highest grade suitable for commercial properties

Grade 2 – Medium grade suitable for light commercial requirements

Grade 3 – Low grade suitable for apartments and buildings

Last, but not least, your smart door locks need to have alternate command options, in case your smartphone does not work. This can be in terms of physical keys, pin codes, and many more.


Smart door locks make your lives a lot easier. You need not have to worry about making duplicate house keys or rushing home to let guests in.




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