What Are The Benefits Of A Product Configurator?

An online tool for manufacturing called a product configurator enables clients to create personalized products. To alter a product’s color, materials, features, accessories, etc., they can generate custom orders. It is utilized in a variety of industries and aids businesses in preventing costly manufacturing mistakes.

By utilizing a single centralized system, this technology automatically converts the sales order into a production BoM rather than manually preparing quotations and specifications. Here is all the information you need to know about this critical tool because there are numerous varieties available and the one chosen must fit the needs of your business.

Product Configurator Software Types

The majority of items may be customized, but when choosing a product configurator for your business, you must take into account both the technical feasibility and functionality of your products. Here are the types of product configurators that are currently most in demand.

Solutions For Engineering Based On Knowledge (KBE)

Engineering organizations that develop and construct massive, sophisticated equipment frequently use KBE solutions. Engineer-to-order (ETO), assembly-to-order (ATO), and configure-to-order (CTO) rules are handled by them. They are appropriate for businesses that desire to focus on the engineering component of their procedure.

Modules For ERP Configurators

These product configurator modules give producers useful information they can utilize to enhance subsequent procedures. Some are only appropriate for a particular level of product complexity due to their restricted rule-capture capabilities and ability to only handle CTO and ATO rules. Ask the vendor to show how their product configurator would function with your product before selecting one.

Solutions For Product Visualization

When marketing to customers, the visual 3d product configurator is increasingly taking over as the standard expectation. It enables customers to make choices and see outcomes right away as they construct a 2D or 3D spatial product. This frequently has a link to an online store where users may customize items and place orders.

A Product Configurator’s Advantages

There are many advantages that a product configurator software can provide; some of them have been discussed below; keep reading to learn more.

Shorter Lead Time

A product configurator automates the quote-to-production process, shortening both the production process and customers’ lead times. There is less chance of having to contact your sales reps again to get information because all the data needed to process a purchase is already recorded.

Improved Effectiveness

Customers can become more independent with the help of a product configurator, which frees up your support staff to work on far more difficult issues. Your salespeople can spend more time speaking with potential clients by spending less time on administrative tasks. Fewer inquiries result from accurate quotes, which lightens the workload of your customer care personnel.

Prevents Reworks

Complex products contain complex price structures and combinations, which raises the possibility of human error. By pre-defining criteria that produce proper pricing and valid combinations, product configuration software considerably lowers the possibility of these errors. You’ll be able to save time and money by doing this and guaranteeing that customers receive the proper goods.

Integrates With Applications From Third Parties

A lot of independent product configurator software interfaces readily with other third-party software and even an eCommerce platform if you already use other software in your production and sales processes. You can manage your inventory and stock lines by integrating a configurator with your eCommerce platform, which is a bonus. However, many manufacturing ERP systems now come with a built-in product configurator that allows you to build sales orders and quickly transform them into a bill of materials for your production department.

Increased Interest From Visitors

If customers may customize things on a website, customizable products have a greater engagement rate when sold to consumers than static products. Giving clients thoughts of the various modifications they may make to a product is a potent psychological inducement since it helps them envision how it will fit into their unique demands.

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