Improve the Quality Score of Your Ads to Lower the Cost-Per-Click Rate

Creating a new Google ad campaign is easy, but the real effort goes when you have to continuously manage it based on the performance of each of the target keywords you have used to drive traffic and a high rate of conversions.
Each target keyword is given a quality score number (1-10) by Google. The lower the score, the higher is the chance that your ad campaign will just wipe out your money without providing any results. A lower keyword quality score (usually less than 7) can hurt your ad campaign.

A low-quality score makes you bid more to get you to the top spot and even if you reach that spot by bidding extra, you might not be able to retain that spot for long enough to create any marked difference in the success of your ad campaign.
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Ways to improve the quality score for each of your target keywords?
It is not the bid amount, but the number of clicks that makes money, both for Google and for your business. If your ad appears on the top or not is not completely dependent on the bid but more directly correlated with your quality score. This is why getting creative with your ads is more important than the amount of money you are ready to put in your ad campaign.
The three elements of an ad campaign that increases the quality score are:

1. Relevance of the ad.
2. Landing page
3. Expected CTR (Click through rate)
So, these are the 3 elements that you need to work on to improve your quality score. Apart from these, there is another element that improves the quality score and this is the keyword you have chosen for your ad. The same keyword could work differently for different ad groups based on its relevance.
Let us know how you can score well in all these areas:

1. Ad relevance:

• Incorporate the keyword phrase into your title.
• Break the keywords into 3-4 ad groups. All these keywords should have similar meanings.
• Continuously review if your ad group is getting you clicks or not. There can be a word in the keyword phrase that could be reducing the relevance of your ad and hence, lowering the quality score.

2. User experience on Landing Page:

• The landing page should be specific to an ad group.
• The landing page should be able to reinforce the message of the ad. This is what motivated the user to click on the ad in the first place.
• Never make your homepage the landing page especially if you are promoting a product or a service.
• Make your landing page mobile interface friendly.
• Ensure that the loading speed of the landing page is high to provide a smooth user experience to everyone reaching the page through your ad.

3. Click-through rate:

• The topmost ads in the Google search result are the ones with the highest expected CTR and not the highest bid rate.
• To improve the CTR, you need to improve the ad content.
• This is why it is important to keep testing new ads.
• For every ad group you create, make 1 responsive and 2 expanded text ads.
• Keep monitoring those ads for results.
• Make new ads if any of these ads are unsuccessful and replace those ads with new ones.
• Provide a compelling offer in your ad to get a competitive edge from others in the same business.
• Use ad extensions to highlight the services that you would provide to your customers.
• Use negative keywords to lower wasted impressions.

Biding and quality score go hand-in-hand. However, having a good quality score is very critical to attain the top position and get an edge over your competitors. Don’t expect your competitors to have a very bad quality score. Improve yours and bid slightly higher than your competitors and you will surely succeed.

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