What Are Different Type Of Clickers & Rings?

Both surface anchors and surface bars can be used to pierce parts of the body. Flat surfaces are not supported by other types of jewelry. Each one has its application and design.

Surface bars are a type of jewelry with a flat shape that is used for flat surface piercings. The length of the “uplifts” at the ends varies depending on how thick the tissue is. Flat discs are the best choice for healing, although there are many options. It can be hard to remove or change the surface bars and their ends without the help of a piercer. You can find more information on surface piercings.

Surface anchors are also known as microdermals, dermal anchors, or single-point puncturings. They consist of two parts: the threaded top (visible part of jewelry) and the base (under the skin). There are many bases, but ours is made from implant-grade Titanium. It has a threaded top attached to a flat foot that rests underneath the skin. Tops can be made from a variety of materials including steel, titanium, yellow, white, and rose gold.

Different lengths of “uplifts” (or posts) can be used for different skin types or areas of the body. Your piercer will determine the right length. The base will remain in place for the lifetime of your piercing. However, you can change the ends. It is not recommended that you remove or change your anchor at home. This can cause skin trauma and even lead to the end of your piercing. For professional piercing assistance, stop by our shop or a nearby shop. You will be a blessing to your piercing!

Jewelry For Stretched Piercings

There comes a point when traditional metal jewelry (i.e. rings and posts) is not appropriate for stretching piercings. Rings and posts are no longer suitable for larger piercings. Here are some examples of styles that can be worn with stretched piercings.

Eyelets And Plugs

Plugs, also known as “gauges”, are the most basic form of jewelry for stretched ears. They come in three styles: straight (or not-flared), single flared, or double-flared. Straight, non-flared Plugs have the same diameter throughout the length and are held in place by o rings on the ends. Double-flared plugs have a “saddle-shaped” design. They are wider at their ends–flared, so the plugs can stay in place. The single-flared plugs are narrower at the front than their double-flared counterparts and secured with an o-ring at the back.

Note: O-rings are usually made of either silicone or synthetic rubber. If your piercing is healing or newly stretched, black o-rings made from synthetic rubber can irritate. Clear silicone o rings will not irritate. Choose silicone if you have the option.

Tunnels are hollow versions of plugs that have a hollowed-out center. If you are still searching for that metal look and feel, titanium eyelets or steel eyelets might be the right choice.

You can choose from a single-flared or straight design when choosing plugs for stretching. Double-flared plugs are not recommended for stretching. This can cause you to stretch two sizes of jewelry at once and could result in piercing damage. Double-flared jewelry can also get stuck. As such, it is best to avoid double-flared jewelry until your piercing heals.

There are many options for eyelets and plugs that can be worn in healing stretched piercings. Single-flared, color front, gorilla glass Color Front Plugs are our most favorite styles of jewelry for stretching with. For those who prefer an open appearance, glass and titanium eyelets can be purchased.

Plugs & Eyelets

Hanging Designs And Weights

These ring styles are more elaborate and larger than standard rings and can be worn with stretched ear piercings. These can be made from lighter materials such as wood, horn, bone, or inert materials such as steel or glass. They also come in heavier metals like bronze, silver, and brass. The majority of weights and hanging designs are balanced so that the piece can be worn comfortably and not fall out. They can also be easily removed or inserted for quick-term wear. Weights are becoming more popular but they aren’t used for stretching, since they don’t tend to increase the size of the piercing.

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