Delta-8 offers several ways to celebrate 420

Celebrate the 420th Birthday with Fun Activities

Delta-9’s newest and most popular cousin, Delta-8 is just around, so how can you celebrate the most important holiday on Earth? You might be in a state where cannabis is still illegal. Are you a seasoned smoker who wants to make a splash for the 420 holidays? This guide will provide all the answers and more.

What is Delta-8

We won’t bore our users with the same information that we share across our platform. However, we will provide a brief overview before moving on to the must-see list for 420 activities. Visit our education to learn more about Delta-8 THC.

Delta8 THC can be described as a minor cannabis cannabinoid that is found in hemp and marijuana. Delta-8 produces a similar psychoactive high as its cousin Delta-9 THC. Delta-8 is much more potent than its cousin, Delta-9 THC. It delivers a powerful high that doesn’t cause anxiety or paranoia. It might be said that this makes it perfect for the 420 vacations.

How to Celebrate the 420

Now that hemp-derived Delta-8 products such as Sixty Six products have been legalized on a federal basis, it is possible to get high on 420 even though you live in a state with cannabis prohibitions. Let’s share six 420 activities that celebrate Delta-8, the stoner holiday!

1. Splurge on Your Delta-8 Favorites

Delta-8 has a wide range of products to choose from, including delta 8 cartridges like Cereal Killer OG, our fan-favorite, and Delta-8 Gummies like Citrus Blast.

2. Enjoy Nature and immerse yourself in it

St. Patrick’s Day can be considered a green holiday. But 420 are always greener! Enjoy your 420 activities to celebrate that fact. Get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Get to know all the wonders of nature!

3. Delta-8 Products you have never tried before

You can not only spend more on your favorite brands, but you also have the option to try something new. Have you tried every Delta-8 product on our website? There’s a chance that you will find one that is better than others or uniquely resonates with you.

We recommend you try the new Delta-8 products every chance we get. It’s one of many reasons why we’re so excited to announce new and improved products. The perfect excuse is the 420 holiday.

4. Participate in the Delta-8 Event

Are you near a Delta-8 seminar, convention, or event? More events are being held to educate people about Delta-8, as the popularity of the cannabinoid is growing.

5. Hosting a Cooking Party? Make Delta-8 Infused Snacks

Delta-8 THC can be made into oil to go with many different foods, much like THC in old-school marijuana. Delta-8 distillate can be purchased to infuse some of your favorite snacks, to commemorate the holiday. Hosting a holiday party is sure to bring out your friends and make it a memorable one!

6. Get involved and help push for marijuana legalization.

While Delta-8 THC may technically be legal, marijuana overall remains federally outlawed. As we move closer to full legalization every day, it is down to those who are on the frontlines helping to make the process happen. Participating in progressive 420 activities could make you one of these people. You can get out there and help to legalize cannabis.

Make Your 420 Celebration Extraordinary with Eighty-Six

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How do Delta-8 & Delta-10 work?

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. Delta-8 THC can be described as a tryptamine. It activates the CB1 brain receptors to produce an effect. Delta 10THC doesn’t activate CB1 like Delta 8THHC, but it does provide a slight psychoactive effect. This may lead to mood changes.

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