Maternity Bras To Provide Enhanced Comfort And Support During Lactation

Just like other confusing changes that happen to a woman’s body during pregnancy, the bra size changes too. There is no fixed timeline as to when you will require a new size because the developmental changes happen to every woman differently. As your breasts start to change to prepare for the lactation journey, they can start swelling up.

During lactation, the comfort of the bra can change throughout the day. When milk is being produced, your breasts will feel fuller and after the baby is fed, they will feel lighter and released. Therefore, your bra should be fitted such that it is not a size smaller and not even larger. Underwire bras should be avoided completely as they can create pressure on the milk ducts causing a blockage.

This is a period when comfort becomes the most important aspect of a woman’s life. Choosing to buy 2-3 pairs of comfortable, supportive, and seam-free bra is the best choice for pregnant women once their regular bras do not fit them anymore.

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Features of a good nursing bra

While you do not need a breastfeeding or nursing bra during your pregnancy, you will surely need a couple of pairs when your lactation journey begins. While purchasing feeding or maternity bras, keep the following points in mind:

  • For an easy and discreet nursing experience anywhere, you should use bras that have full drop cups.
  • Such a bra where the entire cup folds away also allows the breasts to feel more comfortable during feeding when the breasts are fuller.
  • On the other hand, trapdoor-style opening in the cups can create pressure on the milk ducts during nursing.
  • Any additional pressure on ducts when they are full can cause blockages and even mastitis.
  • Additionally, for night time use a bra with breathable fabric and space to keep nursing pads.
  • You can also use soft cup bras or crop tops for the same purpose for easy nighttime feeding.
  • The nursing bra should also have an easy to open strap clips so that you can feed your baby anywhere.
  • If the clap strips of the bra need just one hand to open it and close the hooks, this is ideal.

Never wash your bras in a bleach solution, instead use a mild soap to clean them by hand. This will not just prolong the life of the bra but will also prevent any skin irritation that can happen due to the use of harsh chemicals.

Every woman will experience breast changes differently. While some women will just need to upgrade their existing bras with one cup size, some can grow up to 4 cup sizes. So, if your friend didn’t need additional supportive bras, you might need them to make your breastfeeding journey more comfortable.

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